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MNDOT is furthest along in its study of service from the Twin Cities to Duluth. MNDOT expects to have a “shovel ready” project study ready for evaluation of funding by the state legislature in July, 2017. At a MNDOT estimated cost of $500-600 million, this route would be more expensive to implement. MNDOT has dropped the idea of High Speed rail in order to cut the cost of implementation.

The service is called the “Northern Lights Express” (NLX). The plans call for four round-trips between the Twin Ports and Minneapolis, serving online communities of Hinckley, Cambridge and Fridley at 90 mph.

Presently, none of the daily trains are planned to serve St. Paul. We believe this is a major flaw in the current study. It would be much more effective from a cost and ridership standpoint for trains to stop at both downtowns.