Get Involved

One of the things you can do is either call or email your US Representative, US Senator, and State Representatives to advocate funding for Amtrak, and passenger rail in general. All US and State offices tally citizen opinions on issues, its important that you speak up. Your voice is heard!

The role AAMN plays

All Aboard Minnesota will keep you posted on important legislation, hearings, and events regarding passenger rail. We will contact you when your voice supporting passenger rail will be especially needed. It is organizations like us that influence, and educate our leaders to make things happen for more inter-city passenger trains!

How you can impact the passenger rail cause

  • Contact your state and congressional representatives. Click on "Your Voice" square icon above for specific legislative contacts in Minnesota State Government
  • Tell them that you want more train service in and out of Minnesota, and funding it should be a top priority!
  • Urge them to support a second daytime train from Twin Cities to Chicago. This can be done now with minimal investment!
  • Join us. Working together we can bring passenger trains back to Minnesota.