A Better Way to Travel


A better way to travel….. 

Tired of the hassles of flying?  The cramped seats?  Nonexistent legroom?  Endless waiting to get through the intrusive security checkpoints?  Extra fees for your baggage, and no room in the overheads?

Fed up with driving those longer distances?  The congestion… stress…road construction…  detours….big trucks on your tail… constant ‘white knuckle’ concentration on the road ahead?

Now imagine….  

Americans are waking up to the fact that travel by fast, modern passenger train is a wonderful alternative.  Just think:

Rather than a cramped little seat, you enjoy a wide, comfortable reclining-chair with plenty of legroom.

As you glide across the countryside on smooth, modern track, you enjoy the many vistas as they race past, creating an endless tapestry of Americana.

Want to relax?  Read a book?  Use your laptop or portable device?  You can do all of that, and more.

Hungry?  Thirsty?  Take a stroll over to the lounge or snack car.  Or…. Bring your own! (there are few restrictions on what you can bring aboard a train!)

Stretch your legs whenever you choose…. It’s easy.

And when you arrive, you are rested and refreshed, ready to tackle whatever awaits you!

Join us! 

All Aboard Minnesota is dedicated to bringing more and better passenger trains to our towns and cities, so that more of us can have the choice of utilizing fast, modern train services for our travels.

Amtrak, the nation’s passenger rail corporation, is looking to the states to partner with for expanded service, and Minnesota needs to get on board.  We ALL need to get on board!

When you join All Aboard Minnesota, you will add your voice to the growing chorus of Minnesotans who support the need to develop better, faster trains to connect us to more destinations around the state…. and to the rest of the country as well.

All Aboard Minnesota is a nonprofit corporation that seeks to educate our people and our politicians on the benefits of modern train travel.  Speed….convenience….comfort…..flexibility…energy-efficiency…. there is simply no reason why we all should not be able to enjoy these many benefits!

From time to time we will prompt you to contact your legislator regarding issues important to our cause.  You can find your legislator by referencing this link:  gis.leg.com