All Aboard Minnesota is 501 (c) 3 status non-profit education and advocacy group focused on the expansion and development of intercity rail transportation as a part of an balanced transportation system. We are dedicated to the development of fast, comfortable, frequent intercity passenger train services within and beyond Minnesota.

We believe:

  • Modern passenger trains are vital to our state and regions economic future.
  • Trains provide superior passenger comfort and convenience.
  • Trains are fuel-efficient and have a limited environmental footprint.
  • Decades of public investment and hidden subsidies for road and air transportation have created a transportation system which is now unbalanced and unsustainable, and no longer provides the true mobility we need now and into the future.
  • Given a real choice of fast, frequent trains to multiple destinations, Minnesotans would embrace rail travel. This has already happened in Illinois and Michigan. Illinois recently doubled train frequency between Chicago and St. Louis at 79 mph and saw the trains fill up overnight. Michigan recently purchased the railroad along the Chicago-Detroit route and is rebuilding it to 110 mph speeds. Illinois is doing the same between Chicago and St. Louis. Minnesota can do this too!
  • A basic network of modern trains along the lines of our proposed route map ( see our map, click the link below )  would perform a vital transportation function, generate ridership and provide Minnesotans with a genuine transportation alternative.
  • All Aboard Minnesota proposed route map;  AAMN Route Map

Currently, we are an all volunteer organization:     

President – Brian W. Nelson

Treasurer- Robert W. Moen

Secretary – Mark Quam  

Membership Chair – Jerry Ratliff  

Current Board of Directors consists of seven members