Amtrak Study – Second Frequency between St. Paul and Chicago

Amtrak has now completed their study on a second train frequency between St. Paul and Chicago. The All Aboard Minnesota Board has done a very thorough and detailed analysis of this plan and has provided a position paper on the study. We have taken the time to do this in order to make sure this proposed service is as successful as possible. We are strongly supportive of this service, but believe there are several considerations, such as station stops, that need further scrutiny.

We have published an Executive Summary on our About Us section of this website, in the What’s New tab. The full paper is available upon request. This paper is intended for MnDot, WisDot, several sister rail advocacy groups in Wisconsin along with some key MN legislators. Additionally, we have provided the paper to the National Association of Railroad Passengers. We will be discussing this new service with the parties mentioned, and use it for further advocacy and education this year.

We welcome your feedback.